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About Bridge Drainage

Globally, climate change is affecting nature, people and the environment. The difference between drought and extreme precipitation is increasing. In addition, the population of the world's population is increasing, leading to an increase in the intensity of traffic.

These developments led to the demand for a higher drainage capacity on roads, so that extreme precipitation could be drained away quickly and thus safety could be guaranteed.

Bridge Drainage, as a supplier and advisor, strives to drain rainwater from the bridge gradually and quickly, thereby increasing safety. Bridge Drainage also wants to save the environment as much as possible.

By using less damaging plastics such as PE and PP, Bridge Drainage started working towards this environmental goal.

All products are produced from 70% recycled plastic. With this innovative way of producing we try to help with the global problem of plastic waste.

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Clients who engage with us experience worry-freeness. The feeling of "knowing it's going to be okay...

Within our company, the number one priority is that the customers who work with us experience a sense of worry-freeness.
As a professional and supplier, after an introduction based on your project data, we will make a recommendation on which innovative products are most suitable in your project.
Our staff in the technical department ensures that you get the right input through the specific specification texts and specification drawings.

Bridge Drainage prefers to work closely with the client and is always open to input of new ideas from the client. Together we ensure that we achieve the best result!

With Bridge Drainage, you get to work with a team of dedicated professionals. We understand the challenges you will face during your project. We make sure you get knowledgeable about our products and we do everything we can to make your project as successful as possible.

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The team

Mark Visschers
Erik van Garsel
Martijn Engel
Mehdi Hamouchy
Mariska Munsters
Lars Kunter
Chantal Goossens
Maud Van Garsel